Procreate Animations

I have spent the last fourteen months primarily working in the app ProCreate. I currently have the latest version 5.2.5. I love this app, it has made drawing so much easier for me. One of the things which I was able to easily figure out in Procreate was their cool animation feature. I am a huge fan on animation art. When I was in college way back when, I won an award for Best Animation in one of my classes at school. It was a pretty big deal to be one of 10 people out of 150 to have their animations filmed.

I have a copy of that animation project up on one of my YouTube Channels. The title of my animation is Picasso since I got the idea from the Picasso painting, Woman Throwing A Stone . The assignment was to make a flip book. I had to make 90 separate cards to show the sequence which the best ones would have their flip books filmed. I spent all night the night before – I work well under pressure – gluing the collage I was creating for each card. I loved doing the project and always wanted to more with animation which now with Procreate I can explore that avenue once again!

Here is a sample of some of the animations that I have done so far. Enjoy!

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