Pretty in Pink

When I think of the color pink, I have mixed feelings about it. I tend to like bright, bold colors instead of pastels. When I think of the color i think of the pictures of myself dressed in pink by my mother. I was bald as a baby and didn’t grown a full thick head of hair until I was close to four. She would dress me up in pink and stroll in Central Park in New York City with my two older brothers to hear compliments on her beautiful three sons. This is what prompts nothing but pink dresses and bows – yes around my bald head. I didn’t understand this concept as a child look back at these photos until my own bald headed baby girl popped out and didn’t grow any hair until she was four either. My room was pink for the first 18 year of my life too and not a pretty shade either, at least to me.

I remember when I came across this huge pink flower. It’s a Swamp Rose Mallow, Hibiscus mascheutos, and it was in a community garden I was checking out one day while doing due diligence for my new company, Homegrown Harvest. I was talking to people who used community gardens to find out why they used community gardens.

On the softer side of the shade, I was visiting my mother who adores flowers. She fills her house with them but knows how difficult it is to keep fresh flowers. Her remedy is to strategically place some very expensive silk flower that you would have no idea are fake unless you got right up to it and sometime have to touch to verify. I took some photos of her arrangements and this pretty pink rose stood out to me. When inspecting the photos you can see some flowers are fake but with a little Photoshop magic, a few layers of filters and I have a photo of a pretty pink rose which will forever remind me of my mother who like to dress me up on those pink dresses and paint my room pink.

This is my post to Friendly Friday – The Color Pink.

Happy Friday everyone! I can’t help but include this classic Psychedelic Furs song which I used to dance to all the time when I was younger – and now too.

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