Sungold Sunshine

It snowed three inches up here on the mountain and the winds howled and whipped all day. I was happy to look through my photos and find some of my sungold sunsets. I love joining photo challenge like City Sonnet’s May Colors and Letters and these are my posts that represent sungold.

I used my Canon 50D camera with my Opteka 1300mm lens. I love shooting sunsets, particularly since my house has a western view of the mountains. I am blessed to watch Mother’s Nature’s Daily Show as I like to refer to sunsets. Each day different from the last depending upon her ‘moods’.

I have found being able to photograph the sun or moon setting directly behind the mountains to be a rarer event than I first thought since haze or clouds ends up obscuring the ability to capture the cool effect of the big ball of light sitting atop of the ridgeline. Then there is the added fun of shooting directly into the sun without burning my eyes out. I don’t use a filter on my lense of any sort so I’m looking through the viewfinder with my eye about 8 inches away. I’m sure there is a better way to do this, but I don’t know what it is. Is there a way to shoot directly into the sun without burning out your eyes? If there is I’d appreciate any tips anyone may have on this.