At A Distance

We’ve been asked to social distance and the theme behind this post is photography at a distance and is part of the Lens-Artists Challenge #90 – Distance.

Fireworks – Newfound Lake

Night photography is something I would like to explore further. The fact that I go to sleep so early doesn’t help ,but I would like to be able to learn how to control my camera better to capture night time shots around the lake, like the one with the fireworks. I used my Sony A7 camera to take this photo. The lens I was using an FE28-70mm f3.5-5.6OSS. The shot was taken at focal length 58mm at 1/160sec; f/8 ISO6400.

Moon setting over them mountains

For the Moon setting over the mountains photo it early in the morning. One of those mornings where the moon is still out while the sun is just rising. I napped this photo with my iPhone II Pro Max. Although the photo look filtered, it’s not, this is the result straight out of the camera. According to the info the focal length was 6.00mm (in 35mm:270mm) and exposure was 1/120 sec; f/2, ISO 80 normal program.

But one of my favorite lens to play with to take long distance photos is my Opteka 650-1300mm lens that I throw onto my Canon 50D body. Where I live I can see a 180 view of the beautiful mountains of central New Hampshire and Newfound Lake. Many times I’ll take my camera out with the big Opteka lens, the lens alone is 18 inches long and can be tough to deal with at first. For me, I have found I like to use a monopod on the lens, not the camera, since the lens is heavier I can balance things better that way.

Rainbow forest

Some days out with my camera are beautiful crisp fall days and I can capture the beauty that directly faces my house 3-4 miles across the lake from my deck. I watch the morning light descend upon the eastern side of the lake.

One very dreary day late last winter, I noticed an owl sitting on the telephone line which crossed towards the bottom of our driveway. Our driveway is very long and the distance from where I was taking the photo in the kitchen window to where the owl was sitting on the telephone line is about 300 feet. The Opteka lens let me get the shot. Not a great one but it was my first owl shot and I was thrilled to capture it on my camera.

Our house sits on the side of a mountain and is about 1500ft above sea level and 1000ft above where the lake is below. Our view is ever changing – the weather constantly hiding a revealing different landscapes throughout the year. Sometimes the lake is invisible shrouded in fog or clouds. There are many large birds of prey that roam the skies from ravens, turkey vultures to eagles. We always hope to spot an eagle and we have yet to be able to capture one on our cameras. A couple of years ago we were working outside when one came in low in our backyard and did a fly-by. It was amazing to see the size and majesticness of this bird so close. So far the best I’ve been able to do is snap this raven, I believe soaring above. I’d like to know a good camera and lens set up to take birds in flight photos – my current set up seems a bit awkward and very hard to maneuver as a bird is soaring by.

Another day I went to the kitchen sink I spotted this falcon sitting atop our utility pole about halfway down the driveway. It was another crappy day and I’ve some to learn that birds of prey love hunting in this weather. Again I got out the Canon50d with the Opteka lens all ready for moments like these. I learned a few years ago to have the camera all set. I missed some good bear photos once panicking to put the camera battery in and CD card in by the time I got my camera ready to take the photo his face was down and it looked like a brown blob in a tree.

My favorite use of my Opteka 650-1300mm lens and the entire reason I got it in the first place was to be able to take pictures of the moon. Many nights the moon is full and it is freezing cold and the wind is howling. I’ve come to look forward to the full moon in the warmer months. I shot this photo in June of 2019 so I must have been comfortable and able to focus on actually focusing and my camera settings which for this picture was 1/800 sec ISO 400.

Living up here on the mountain I don’t have a problem social distancing and my lens allow me to continue to enjoy taking photos from a distance.