Winter comes to an end – finally

It’s April Fools Day and Mother Nature lulled us this weekend into spring with mild temperatures close to 60 degrees, only to turn the thermometer back down today to the high 20s and sprinkle a little snow flurry in for a joke. We have received a total of 130 inches of snow the 2018/19 season. Forecasters are threatening another 3″ by the end of the week despite this weekend’s warm temperatures and the rapidly melting snows all around.

I love winter and since living up here I have a whole new appreciation of its beauty. Some may at first think of winter as dark and dreary with a bland palette of white, grey, dark green and black, but old man winter shows much more depth than that.

The pristine white snows sometimes reflects the morning sunrise’s pink hues or the late afternoon sunset’s red and purples. Even the dreary days are dramatic with the low lying clouds and fog continually changing the landscape.

I find there is a unique beauty to winter. I am in awe of the magnificence of the structure of a tree , seeing it its barest of forms. Following the trunk up to its branches – as a former tree climber in my youth as an adult I still look for good climbing trees.

Drive By Shooting No. 18 Waveny’s Winter Blues

Connecticut in the Form of a Tree

Connecticut- Sledding Waveny Hill

Connecticut- Cross Country Skiing in Waveny

Then there are the days when Mother Nature blankets the landscape with white downy blanket making everything appear as a magical winter wonderland.

Sunrise on the Mountain

Winter Hemlocks

Around the Corner – Waveny

The palette is beginning to change now ever so slowly as the white snow recedes and exposes the browns and golds it had covered up since last fall. I look forward to the new shades of spring with its pinks, purples, greens and yellows.